How do you serve students countywide? Many of those students cannot drive or access the public library regularly. The Mobile Media Center will instead come to them. The MMC will visit each of the ten high schools two school days a month. The vehicle will be parked adjacent to the school from the beginning of the school day until the time after school activities end. The center will try to offer comparable services to those in a school library, but without the option to check out books. Working in cooperation with the Jacksonville Public Library, the MMC can provide technology and research resources for students that would normally be the responsibility of their school’s library. On weekends and holidays, the MMC will rotate between branches of the Jacksonville Public Library providing the same services for students and adults. This will serve dual purposes. First, it will allow students to receive assistance outside of school days. Second, it will promote the services of the MMC to the public, especially illustrating it’s benefits to parents and the community.

We will employ three full time LMS professionals and a team of volunteers. The LMS workers will rotate between days on site with the vehicle and working at the Jacksonville Public Library on administrative task relating to the MMC such as creating new programs and public outreach. Another important factor will be the usefulness of volunteers. Public libraries often rely on volunteers from the community and this project will be no different. Ideally these volunteers will come from the high school itself. Tech savvy students are a great asset and can volunteer after school to aid other students with their technology related questions. This is a great opportunity to connect students with more advanced technology experience with those without tech skills or resources at home. Perhaps these students can continue working together on projects outside of the MMC either at home or at the public library.

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