The demographic this project targets are Duval County students that no longer receive the resources and support of their school libraries. The project will initially focus on a smaller section of these schools, specifically with ten high schools that have had their libraries eliminated. We will select this group of ten schools by surveying the needs of the students that the schools serve. Factors to consider are a student’s access to technology outside of school (home internet access or distance to public libraries) and access to resources otherwise provided by a LMS. Those ten high schools with the greatest student need will be the first served by the Mobile Media Center. Like our User Persona suggests, we want to serve students without the advantages of extensive access to technology, but with an interest in learning more. The MMC will serve students that not only need help with school related research, but also need access to multimedia software, communication software (e.g. Skype), and online resources for the college application process.

User Persona

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