Jacksonville Public Library

An essential partner for the MMC is the Jacksonville Public Library system. Not only will they serve as the home-base for the MMC staff, they will provide a location for events and services possible for the MMC during the summer and weekends when school is not in session. The relationship is mutually beneficial as the MMC will help bring in more high school aged patrons to their local public library branch.

Broadband Opportunities Council

The NYCHA’s Digital Vans were paid for by a large grant from the Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program. The recently created Broadband Opportunities Council will continue the federal government’s efforts to expand the availability of broadband access for communities in America. Working with these government organizations will help ensure continued funding and the possibility for expanding the project if the initial roll out is successful.

Duval County Schools

The Duval County School system is an obvious partner for the MMC. While they would not be expected to provide any financial or staff contributions, a good relationship with the school system is necessary for project success. The MMC will need permission from the school system to park and provide services on school grounds. We hope that offering this free service to students will encourage the cooperation of the superintendent and school board.

Open Source Initiative or GitHub

Using and teaching OSS is an essential aspect of the MMC so it’s natural to partner with organizations that specialize in OSS. The Open Source Initiative or GitHub would be great partners for the students and staff. They could offer webinars to students instructing them on what Open Source means and how they can get involved in OSS projects. This relationship can inspire students to become future software developers and programmers.

Image Credit: Jacksonville Public Library